Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Wonderland 88

I bought the Sep/Oct '10 issue (only one I could find at Borders....they haven't stocked up on the latest issue yet) of Wonderland magazine while I was out and about today and had to buy it. Wonderland is hands down one of my favorite, if not my favorite magazine. The design is so clean and simple and it is full of substance and material and I don't feel that they waste half the magazine with stupid articles that I'm not going to read.

I had been meaning to post this shoot for a while now since it was first post on fashiongonerogue.com on Sep 14th so when I opened the issue and saw it again it reminded me that I needed to share this. I've been really interested in minimalist shoots and simplicity and one of my favorite things about this shoot is that there is just enough styling...they didn't over do it. The lines are streamlined and elegant and the model, Ieva Laguna poses to create the most beautiful shapes with the material and the clothes. By using the sea and beach as a background they have a consistent background that keeps all the focus on the model and her clothes but stills makes an interesting location shoot. Check out www.wonderlandmagazine.com. 


Images taken from fashiongonerogue.com


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