Monday, May 3, 2010

2001 Donna Karan Campaign

This was the campaign for Donna Karan in 2001. I recently came across it and I immediately fell in love. The campaign features actor Jeremy Irons and model/actress Milla Jovovich and I read that it was shot in Vietnam but I can't say for sure if that is right. What I love about Donna Karan's early campaigns was the sophisticated simplicity. I love that we can't pinpoint a certain time for these images, and in a way that makes them timeless. The white and black button oxford will never go out of style and these images will never feel dated which is the problem with some of the more futuristic campaigns that are out now. The clothes do go out of season and accordingly, so do the images. I like to be able to look at an image and say, "that will be a great image for decades" rather than say, "that is a great image for that specific line, for that specific season, for that specific year." These images are beautiful and wholly capture the essence of the models, their relationship, the clothes, and the company. I think anyone can appreciate these images whether they are 15, 25, 40, or 75. The young demographic can look at them and say "I want a romance like that" and the older demographic can say "I had my own version of a romance like that". The images have the right blend of cinematic narrative in each individual image to create a cohesive campaign when put together and that perfect balance is something that I hope to one day be a part of.


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