Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Howard Schatz - In Character

Photographer Howard Schatz photographs celebrities "In Character" for every issue of Vanity Fair and captures their emotions in three different scenarios or stories he makes up. I find Schatz' approach in providing a narrative interesting to compare to fashion photography. Many times photographers will give models (or actors shooting a cover story) inspiration for the shoot in terms of a narrative. Even if the shoot isn't a narrative-based photo shoot, the models still have some sort of emotion to go on to produce a certain feel for the images even though that particular narrative or motivation is never revealed besides what is captured on camera. What I like about Schatz is that he takes the opposite approach (from fashion photography) and lets us in behind-the-scenes in a sense to literally read the inspiration for the image. While the reactions are over the top and exaggerated the concept of understanding the inspiration for an image is the same and I love seeing his images every month in Vanity Fair. 

Check out more of his images on his website. 

Images taken from mymodernmet.com


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