Friday, October 21, 2011

Rihanna's Blatant Plagiarism

I'm not quite sure how Rihanna ripped off the opening voice-over of the Doc Martens "First and Forever" campaign in her new music video "We Found Love" without thinking anyone would notice.

This is disappointing on so many levels. First, Rihanna has such a huge creative team behind her and it is sad to think that such a powerful team had to rip off the Doc Martens campaign both visually and conceptually. Second, it doesn't come across as a tribute to the original campaign video and the brilliance of the creative marketing team behind the shoe brand, but rather as an attempt to steal and appropriate it for her own gain. How many people watching her video are going to realize that the whole thing has been done before? This type of creative plagiarism makes me disappointed and extremely upset with the industry and with artists who think they can get away with things like this. I would have so much more respect for Rihanna if she were doing anything original, even if it sucked.

Rihanna's "We Found Love"(click here if the video doesn't load)

Agyness Deyn for Doc Martens (click here if the video doesn't load)


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