Tuesday, January 1, 2013

A Year Remembered: 2012 in Berlin and Ithaca

I spent half of 2012 in Berlin and it was one of the most incredible experiences of my life. A brief recount of my time spent abroad:

My street:

My stop on the U-Bahn:


A brief yet memorable trip to Duisburg and Aachen to visit Kirsten!

Back to an incredibly cold and snowy Berlin. Ice skating on the Krumme Lanke Lake:

 A visit to the Treptower Park in Berlin with my second (German) family:

 Berlin and the Fernsehturm:

 Brandenburger Tor:

A view inside the Reichstag:

 View from one of my language intensive classrooms in Mitte:

 Alexanderplatz Station that I walked past every day:

 Berliner Dom and the Fernsehturm:

Brandenburger Tor:

Spring break in London visiting a few friends:

And a 3 day solo trip to Edinburgh:

Another long weekend with a good friend from school in Amsterdam:

 More exploring in Berlin (the Hauptbahnhof):

I helped one of my oldest friends start painting his new apartment:

Spent a long break in Prague with friends I was studying in Berlin with:

 May 1st spent at a rave with thousands of Gemans at an abandoned Nazi airport (Templehof):


Gay pride parade ending at the Brandenburger Tor:

Second to last week in Germany traveling around a few different cities (Dresden):

My first ICE train from Dresden passing through Frankfurt to Cologne: 

Spent a few days visiting a good friend from high school in Cologne:

 My friend from high school and I traveled to Munich for another short visit:

We stayed at a great hostel where everyone was piled into one massive tent and gave people the opportunity to meet one another:

 Traveled with my German family to the forests in the suburbs of Berlin:

 We all also took a great day trip to a beautiful lake an hour or so outside of Berlin:

 We stopped at a beautiful castle on the way home and I took a few pictures:

 After 5 1/2 months I move out of my apartment in late July:

 A view of Alexanderplatz at dusk (right around the corner from where I lived):

 One of my best friends, Julie, came and spent the last week and a half with me in Berlin:

 After one of the best times of my life I came back to Ithaca and did an amazing photo shoot with friends and started my last semester at IC off to a great start:

I was also in my senior capstone class in photography at my college and had an amazing senior show. Below are a few pictures from my workshop project on the formation of identity in adolescent girls:

All images © Mathea Millman 2012.


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