Monday, February 4, 2013

NYC Part 1.1

I have been instagraming (@matheazara) a lot since I moved to NYC just over a month ago. I find its a fast and efficient way to document what happens and what I see when I'm on the go. Here is a collection of images from the past month.

Ally and I on a Friday night (one of my friends I'm staying with - we met interning for Mary Ellen Mark in high school)


Big girly closet:


 I get to see some pretty insane fashion living in the middle of Hasidic Brooklyn:

 Editing at a coffee shop in Brooklyn:

View from the building where we take the middle of Wall St:

Its cold so we wear coats indoors:

 View down the block:

NYC smoke:

Super cliche but I love when you can't see the top of skyscrapers because of the fog:

 Taking a walk through Central Park with some friends...starting at Columbus Circle:


Overhead view of Times Square from an undisclosed location:

Micah can smize:

 And Ryan can too:


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