Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Accessories Are Only Accessories

Loved this shoot, photographed by Sarah Silver, for the June 2009 issue of Vogue Mexico/Latin America. I love the contrast of the white hair with the intense colors of the makeup and sharp angles and geometry of the clothes and accessories. Generally, I don't usually find beauty and accessory shoots to be all that memorable, but the poses here are absolutely flawless and the photographer makes the person and the accessories equally important in the images. Sarah doesn't neglect the connection with the model for showcasing and making the accessories the most important aspect of the images which happens too often in beauty and accessory shoots. The accessories act as accessories and emphasize and highlight something about the model instead of being the main focus of the images and pushing the model into the background. 

Photographer: Sarah Silver
Model: Rosie Tupper
Stylist: Sarah Gore-Reeves 
Publication: June 2009 Vogue Mexico/Latin America

Images from thefashionspot.com


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