Friday, July 8, 2011


Dsquared² is an interesting brand. Their advertisements are the epitome of the fashion culture that is constantly ridiculed and made fun of by the rest of the world for being narcissistic and shallow. I have come to associate the brand and the advertisements with mannequin male models and 8-pack abs. Their collections are usually influenced by camping, the outdoors, and the west and their gaudy campaigns are self aware of the image the company presents yet goes ahead anyway as if giving the rest of the world the middle finger by saying "yes, this is what we represent". 

I just saw their Fall '11 campaign and I love how different it is. Instead of the super saturated bare-it-all Spring '10 campaign they instead decided to simplify their pictures by featuring a black and white image of the model on a black background. The images still capture the wild west theme of the collection and give people a little break from the ostentatious nature of the brand by toning the campaign down. Even though their approach is significantly different they still don't loose sight of their brand or market. The images sizzle with a younger and more naive sex appeal that is still very self aware. This isn't to say that I love the brand or any of their images per se but I recognize how the company is changing and utilizing different techniques in their marketing and branding and that is what I really love. 

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