Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Matthew Brookes for Hercules Magazine

I rarely look at men's magazines but it's exciting when I do because men's fashion and portraiture photography is so different than what is being produced for for womens magazines like Vogue and Vanity Fair. We see raw and gritty images with men who have clean, young, and very often feminine yet muscular faces.

This is a shoot that really stood out to me from the Hercules magazine September '08 issue and I really can't wait to set up an outdoor studio and get images like this with such gorgeous light. I really like how the photographer, Matthew Brookes, cropped the images and used some of the models as the focal point and then others as "props" in the background to fill in the frame. The layout is interesting too, switching from a full image to split images in a diptych. Posing groups of people isn't the easiest thing and I am going to be looking to him to inform some of my upcoming shoots.

Check out his website (the Matthew Brookes link above). The site is really well organized and his photography is incredible. It is a great treat to be able to look at consistently amazing images like the ones he produces.

Editorial: Excellence In Action
Magazine: Hercules Issue #5
Models: Philip Bierbaum, Stas Svetlichnyy, Gustaf McMahon, Kristian Akegren, Viggo, Anton
Photographer: Matthew Brookes


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