Monday, February 1, 2010

La Vie Romantique

Just a few recent things I've found that I've enjoyed:

  • The Woman Management Blog is a blog that has a lot of great postings on editorials, photography and fashion. A really great place to see great work and read inspired thoughts.

  • This girl (below) has a cute blog about fashion, food, and little musings that helped me pass some time. I found her on lookbook . Just a quick blog to scroll through and she has some great ideas for designing such as collecting old mirrors from antique stores and arranging them on a wall.

  • I absolutely love this video. Greg Kadel is an amazing fashion and celebrity photographer and is one of the photographers I really look up to and am inspired by. You can check out his website here: What I love about his website is that it is so organized. You can choose a publication and look at some sample images he has taken from that publication. It is so annoying to find a photographer whose work you love and then can't find any of your favorite images on their website because it is unorganized and chaotic.


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