Monday, March 1, 2010

Random Occurrences

So here it is.
An editorial.
A website.
A video.

Dree Hemingway was photographed by Josh Olins for Vogue Nippon April 2010.
Here is a website that has a lot more examples of shoots that Josh has done. All of his work is flawless. He knows how to connect with the models so that he provides a varied consistency. Each of the frames of his shoots are different but the model and the image has the same feel and direction. For example in this shoot the model has a soft face and her expression is consistently refined, yet he still varies each of the shots so that the model is doing something different and new.

image source: 'rox yr sox' at the fashion spot

The website I want to share is Rock the Trend . The website is described as "a site that covers everything in fashion from show soundtracks to runway models". It is a great place to stay up on everything current that is fashion related. They have models, covers, campaigns, magazines, and miscellaneous and is a great site to just have fun with or keep up to date with the magazines and fashion print media that might not be as accessible to us here in the US.

Lastly, I have to credit the video find to my mother who is the queen of art-kitsch. Its a fun music video for the really catchy song 70 million by Hold Your Horses. Watch it and try to see how many artists you can identify.


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