Wednesday, January 27, 2010

New flickr fav: doctor.boogie

(All of the images I am referring to are located below this post)

Today, I came across this photographer on flickr while I was searching for holga images. . I was immediately struck by these amazing structures that he photographed. I searched for sea forts on flickr a little bit more but almost all the rest were in color and I loved how the images from doctor.boogie were black and white and taken with his holga.

The images are a bit soft and look as if they are really old. The color images date the structures and make them seem more recent, while in black and white they remain in this other world. The absence of color make them mysterious, and the color oddly confuses these strange distant structures from another time and place, and puts them out of context in our familiar present day life of digital media and color. The holga camera specifically, has this amazing ability to make the images seem like something from another time and place. The time and setting become undistinguishable and the mystery keeps us guessing. The scene is directly out of a movie and I can make up any story I want about them. Why they were built, who used them, and all the events surrounding their use. Either that or I can youtube it and find out what they were really used for.


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