Thursday, June 10, 2010

100th Post -Movie of Stills

So for my 100th blog post you guys get a movie of stills. I've been looking through of a bunch of images I have found online trying to find a story within them and this is what Ive made. I see these images not as photographs but as stills from a movie that I can see in my imagination. See if you can fill in the blanks for yourself. Any comments or feedback would be greatly appreciated. Enjoy.

She starts out taking the train deep out into the countryside, traveling far out into the land that her family once owned. The train bridges the gap between everyday life and the one she emerges into. She looks out at the surrounding hills and sees a boy in the cabin in front of her doing the same. She remembers the image of him leaning out the window.

The girl leans out of the train and she can feel it starting to rain. The rain darkens the sky and blurs the landscape making it a single passing image as it rushes past outside of the train.

The train lets her off at the beginning of the path leading onto the land that her family owned. No one knew about it. The rain began to let up leaving a cloud of fog that covered the path.

She vaguely recalled the same scene playing out when she first came onto the land. She was 5 and brother rushed ahead in the path and she ran ahead to catch up to them. At the time, the fog enveloped them on the path and the forest seemed to wrap them up and hide them in the foggy mist.

The girl finally pushes out around the last bend in the path and the house rises out the trees and the forest like a tower. A fortress.

The house is unlocked so she goes up to the top bedroom. In the fifteen years since she had been there nothing had changed.

She put her bags down and went to look around the house. At home, the library had been her favorite room.

She headed back up to the top room and looked out the windows into the forest. She remembered the other houses nearby but knew that the neighbors didn't live there anymore. No one had lived in any of the surrounding houses for years.

In the middle of the night she was woken up by a blinding white light so naturally she went outside to see what it was.

There was no explanation for the light so she decided to walk to find it. She walked all night and climbed mountains and explored the countryside.

On the way she encountered someone else.

She walked to the top of a mountain and could see an old carnival below so she went down to explore.

The carnival was so old and it was obvious people hadn't been there in years and years. She loved the way the trees grew out of and around the wooden rides. Something new and old.

Suddenly the mary-go-round started up. It turned and swirled and wouldn't stop. It went so fast that it became one huge swirling blur. When it finally slowed down all the animals were gone. She had to go and round them up.

She found the giraffe first.

At the end of the day she headed back to the family house in the trees and turned on the music happy that she had returned all of the animals to the carnival.

The sun was setting and the light cast shadows all over the room and on her body. What a beautiful day.

All images taken from Tumblr. Please let me know if you know any picture credits.


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