Saturday, June 5, 2010

Intimate Images

I've been in the city almost a week now and I haven't really started photographing yet. I was going through a lot of images and I have found some really great ones to use as inspiration to shoot in small spaces like around our apartment or any apartment or house in general. It just goes to show that you don't need elaborate outfits or locations to make great images. I also have some images as inspiration for out on the street or in a city location.

-out and about in the city-

an elevator:

on the street/sidewalk:

the subway:


in front of store windows:

-inside near a window for an open light source-

-using a wall for its texture/pattern to make a great background-

-in front of a white background to use as a neutral backdrop-

-in a stairwell/using banisters-

-against a sheet or sheer material-


-directing light from a specific light source to create shadows-

-using a location to frame the subject-

in a bookstore using books to frame a subject:

using a door to create a frame:

-photographing with a bed in the image-

-photographing in different areas of the house-



living room:

All images taken from Tumblr. Let me know if you have any picture credits.


Thanks for the inspiration! I haven't shot anything this summer!

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