Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Changing Film Stills

I love fashion film stills. This shoot includes almost every one of my favorite aspects of fashion photography, outdoor studios and lighting, big sets, soft faces and wispy hair, behind-the-scenes, and one of the most amazing model/photographer pairings (Sasha Pivovarova and Peter Lindbergh). The shoot, photographed for Paris Vogue in May 2006, has light marks on the images, which I don't think serve any larger purpose or add any great significance to the shoot. But what I really think is strange, interesting, different, captivating is the discrepancy between the released "versions" of the same shoot. It seems that the published version of the story had the light marks although I can find different versions of the same images without the light marks and with different croppings all over the internet. I'm not sure which ones I like better. I like the intimacy of the closer cropped images with the light marks but then again I like how the ones without the light marks are further away from the subject and show more of the scene and location and really give the feel like we are seeing the subject or model as an actress on a film shoot. Do you think the difference in the released images actually makes a difference?

Images taken from here.


I like the shots that show the overall scene - however, if the idea is to see the clothes then that approach doesn't work. Photographically however, I think they are more interesting.

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