Saturday, September 25, 2010

A Different Approach

There are so many styles of photography that are especially intended for commercial use. One of my favorite approaches to editorial work is a more casual approach where the pictures seem to emerge from the natural motions of the model and where the photographer is capturing a very real moment instead of the model actually hitting or striking poses. I think this editorial, photographed by Dan Martensen, really demonstrates an important dynamic between the model and the photographer where they can hang out (or appear to) and create beautiful images that aren't trying too hard. There is so much spontaneous control in these images (with the specific styling, command of the light, locations) that they appear casual in a way. Instead of projecting such an unattainable ideal for physical beauty in these images, they chose a model (Karmen Pedaru) who appears very natural with her minimal makeup, "regular" hairstyling and partially dyed hair. She could be one of your friends, you could have been hanging out with her, you could have taken these images.

Everything was meticulously considered but it comes out looking like she was just hanging out with the photographer for the afternoon and having fun and in the meantime he just took shots of her. There isn't an invisible boundary in these images separating us from the high-profile world of fashion photography and supermodels. These images seem like a flashback to a memory that we could have all had in our lives and I always love when I see that in an editorial.

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