Monday, September 6, 2010


With the exception of the last image (because it is the only one in color and sticks out like a sore thumb), I think this shoot exemplifies the right way to photograph a woman and express sensuality without making it look like something featured in playboy. There is a fine line between portraying sensuality and sexuality without being erotic and I think that this shoot does a great job at being completely sensual yet not erotic, even though the model, Erin Wasson, is barely or not clothed. I think the soft light and wispy, draping fabrics help to add a sort of ethereal feel to the images and give it a sort of dream-like quality which removes the location and scene from a real world sort of setting. I think the reason she is so perfectly sensual is the fact that it doesn't look like she is trying to be sexy. She is barely posing and it looks like she just simply is there...she exists in that way and that she isn't playing up anything for the sake of the camera, unlike the girls posing for maxim.

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