Monday, October 25, 2010

90's Chic Redone

This shoot is beautiful and wistful and brings us to a specific time and place. Although it was photographed for the most recent issue of Harper's Baazar by John Balsom it looks like an editorial shot in the early-mid 90's mostly because of the styling and colors. The colors are a bit washed out and faded but is reminiscent of the coloring that was popular 15 or 20 years ago in the fashion industry rather than the hyper-saturated editorials that are seen today. Even though the shoot incorporates styles seen on the runway and in style for this season like shearling jackets (in the last image) and chunky knit sweaters the stylist, Katie Mossman, has put them together in a dated way. The styling is definitely referencing the styles of the 90's with the big oversized sweaters and jackets and the layering of them over big below-the-knee skirts. I like that the small details of this shoot bring us back and combine to give us a contemporary flashback of the old shoots. 

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