Sunday, October 31, 2010

Gant Rugger

This past weekend one of my great friends introduced me to the clothing company Gant Rugger. They just came out with their promotional advertising campaign video for their Fall/Winter 2010 collection. 

Gant Rugger Fall/Winter 2010 from Gant Rugger on Vimeo.

The video and the advertising campaign was shot by one of my favorite photographers, Guy Aroch and stars Jacques Naude, Reid Prebenda, and musician John Thornley. This past weekend I was in NYC at the PDN Photoplus expo and was able to hear some of my favorite photographers speak about their work and Guy Aroch was one of them. It was so amazing to be able to hear one of my favorite photographers speak and I think I was more star struck than if I had seen an actual movie star or celebrity. I think his images are so natural; his models never seem posed and his coloring and post production effects (like light leaks and softening) give his images a uniform feel that is specifically and identifiably his own. Here is one of the first posts I wrote about him - Click Here

The music in the video, by U.S. Royalty (you can download the song on their website by clicking the download link from this website), sets the mood so perfectly for a road trip and adds a perfect sense of nostalgia. In addition to being perfectly styled, the models bring their own unique sense of fun and personality to the way in which they wear and present the clothes, which is ultimately what the film is trying to promote. Gant Rugger has expertly marketed their brand by giving us a clear insight into how we should perceive their clothes, their images, and ultimately, their entire brand by evoking such a clear style and emotion through the media and clothes they put out. 

Check out their website


I totally understand why you respond to this video and advertising campaign...beautiful and hopeful.

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