Monday, April 18, 2011

Erwin Olaf

I came across the photographer Erwin Olaf last year when researching contemporary photographers who work in both the fine art and commercial advertising realm. Visually, his perfectly composed, lit, and styled images resemble advertising campaigns and commercial photography yet this is his fine art work. He does shoot commercially for clients such as Diesel, Louis Vuitton, Heineken, and Elle magazine among others.  With this series (Rain, Hope, Grief, Fall) he aims to "challenge the notions of domestic bliss". I think the way he crafts and composes his images (reminiscent of movie stills and mass media marketing) is the perfect way in which to criticize and comment on this mass delirium of commercialism, domesticity, social exclusion, and repressiveness. Check out his other series and some of his short films that accompany each shoot.


Hope Portraits:



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