Wednesday, November 4, 2009


For anyone who is interested in fashion, I would highly recommend checking out this site:

The site calls itself "an international social experiment in style."

I think the site has built up a very good reputation so a lot of the looks and outfits that are posted by members of the site are contemporary and innovative and reflect trends of the moment. Its a great place to find inspiration for your own style or just look at how other fashion enthusiasts put together outfits. Some of the pictures are great for the photography as well as the fashion. Some of the pictures have given me great ideas for how to photograph a certain look and focus on the clothes. Its gotten me thinking how I would photograph a certain style of outfit to highlight certain aspects.

For example this first outfit is created around the brooch and the shots clearly feature it as a focus. Therefore the culture of the outfit and the motivation of the look is captured within these images which makes it a great advertising shot for the brooch and the clothes. There is a consistency throughout the three images which sells the style. While these three images might not be the most incredible images in the history of photography they do very successfully sell her "style" which is the point of her uploading this image, to get the viewers of the site to vote for her picture and her outfit.

The people who upload to this website aren't marketing advertising campaigns for major clothing companies, but they are marketing their outfits to the viewers of the site so that their "profiles" can be checked out. This means that the way in which they present their clothes is extremely important. It is interesting to see how each person markets their style. Here are some other pictures I really like:

This image was taken by one of my favorite photographers Guy Aroch:

This image below is from lookbook. I saw the picture on lookbook and I immediately thought of the picture by Aroch. I love making visual connections between pictures that I have encountered in very different places.

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I've fallen in love with this website since you made this blog post. And great blog! :)

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