Sunday, November 22, 2009

Singin' In the Rain

Yesterday I watched Shanghai Knights with a friend and at one point in the movie Jackie Chan's character, Chon Wang, starts to fight the bad guys and pays homage to the famous Singin' in the Rain scene with Gene Kelly. I looked the video up online and then I found countless other videos that use Kelly's scene as a reference or videos of artists trying to totally recreate the scene. I know its cheesy but its impossible to watch some of these and not smile at the end. Enjoy!

The original scene from Singin' in the Rain with Gene Kelly:

Here is the scene from Shanghai knights with Jackie Chan fighting with an umbrella. The original song Singin' in the Rain is also playing in the background:

Usher made a tribute to the scene by shooting his own. If you like this video then youtube it and there are some great videos of Kelly's version right next to Usher's so you can see how similar they are:

A VW commercial that mixes part of the original scene from the movie with new footage to make it appear as if Gene Kelly is breakdancing. Awesome but a little creepy too:

George Sampson, 2008 winner of Britain's Got Talent, dancing to Singin' in the Rain...amazing breakdancing that is just fun to watch, especially during the middle of the dance (you'll see what I mean):

Listening to: Singin' in the Rain


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