Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Attn: Sophie & David

More wardrobe and accessory ideas. David then Sophie. *=like this a lot. Caption above picture:

Puffed hair. Direct side gaze.
Layered looks. Adjusting. Over-accessorize top.
Large collar/scarf. Loose plain hat. Rolled up pants.
*Double layer hat and hood.

Strong lines. Pose. Hold self high.


Slow exposure of snow. Interacting with snow.
Ingore who these people are (my bad). Role play. Support. Physical interaction. Playful.*
Physically connected couple. Strong lines contrast on each other.

Classic "Z" shape. Height change.
Angles and bending against a tree:
Bold statement accessory contrast against neutral/plain color scheme:
Again, playful accessories. Highlighting all stylistic aspects. Contrast textures.
Brooch accessory and close up of it.
Plain neutral colors in wardrobe and makeup and hint of color/tint in lips.*

Leaning pose:*


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