Sunday, December 6, 2009

Commercial Films

I wanted to give people an idea of the context of my final film and what to expect from it. Our rough cuts are due next Tuesday and I haven't even gotten my final roll back yet. The editing that I have done thus far is messy and is hard to do without all the footage. I will show my film once I get the final edit done which should come together in the next week or so. In the meantime I wanted to share a few of my favorite season collection films to give a background as to what I am trying to achieve with my film. There a few stylistic aspects that are consistant in advertising films that I wanted to incorporate into my own film:

  • Handheld camera
  • Connection with the model as if they know the person who is filming or behind the lens. The person behind the lens becomes a character which in turn makes the viewer feel as if they are involved in the life of the model and in the action taking place.
  • Closeups of the model
  • Experimenting with focus and shallow depth of field
  • Closeups of details of the clothing and/or accessories
  • Model interacting with the environment and the clothes to promote a specific lifestyle
  • Older looking "film"
Here are two stills that I love from ad campaign videos. I liked these stills more than the overall concepts of the films:

Some of my favorite campaign videos and a still from the film (the still is from the link above it):

Ralph Lauren Holiday 2007 (check out any of the ralph lauren rugby advertisements. this one happened to have the old film feel. the stills aren't very clear but you can search in itunes podcasts and can download all of their campaigns with higher resolution)

David Yurman (doesn't have the overall old film feel but incredible stills and closeups)


Ports 1961 (not in the style I tried to emulate but beautiful stills all the same: has a rich dark tone)

Ports 1961 (one of my favorite campaign ads of all time...gorgeous)

Levi's (The film is titled O Pioneer and a narrator reads an excerpt from a walt whitman poem which is titled the same. I love that the images and the text being read give a very definitive emotional edge to the film of revolution. Beautiful stills with handheld shots)

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