Monday, December 21, 2009

Winter Inspirations

Thinking outloud for Winter shoots. I am thinking about putting a small magazine layout together for over break since I don't really have much planned. I wanted to consolidate some ideas I have for immediate shoots. These are ideas I have for stills as part of a whole shoot.

Shoot with David:

Depth in a studio portrait. Explore z-axis. Contrasting lighting for male.

Direct head on shots. Into the camera. Nothing else but model.

Shoot with Sophie and Ryan:

Blankets on location

No spatial or physical context as to location. Highlight and focus on hair. Mystery. No connection with model.

Intimate interaction between models. Hidden and protected in their private "moment".

Sophie: first image only. It kind of looks like you. Direct connection. Beautiful light. Simple lines of shirt and wardrobe. Collarbone.

Again, blanket on set. Side view.

Ryan: Side view. Strong and powerful. Confident. Individual sense of self-awareness.

Ryan: Layered outerwear. Less focus on color and more on texture and shape.

Again side view. Texture and shape of hair and profile. Landscape in background. Ryan in distance behind but very out of focus.

Two models together. Close together. Connection with camera. (Imagine in winter setting)

Focus on right half of this image. Strong lines of stairs contrast with flowing fabric, textures, color.

Outside location shot. Strong unique clothes. Contrast with pastoral images. Wide angle. Field.

Location: Field with lone tree. Pastoral. Dusting of snow.


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