Tuesday, April 6, 2010

25 Magazine & Art Fashion

I really like how 25 Magazine has incorporated art into their most recent fashion editorials. The first one, photographed by Marcin Tyszka, incorporates photo-collage into the shoot. The close up images of the models that are their collaged faces obviously aren't specifically promoting clothing in the images and aren't accessory shots because there is nothing in the image. Instead, these simple portrait collages help the design aesthetic and theme of the shoot. To me, collages are about putting things together and creating something new out of fragmented pieces or incomplete parts. Fashion is one big collage. The shirt might be Balmain, the pants might be Givenchy and the earrings might be Cartier. Each of those pieces of clothing were a part of a collection, a part of a line. When you style clothes you are creating one outfit from pieces of other collections. I think the shoot is interesting and original and I wish we saw more things like this coming out of publications that are more accessible to the masses. Maybe it would make consumers start thinking differently about fashion and the art that it is.

Defragmentation of Beauty:
models: abbey lee kershaw, karmen pedaru,
shu pei, constance jablonski
photographer: marcin tyszka
illustrator: tomek sadurski
fashion editor: barbara matelo
source: helligirl at the fashion spot

This next shoot was also in 25 Magazine. Klimt is one of my favorite painters and was associated with the art nouveau movement, which is my favorite art movement of all time. Again, I like how they are combining mediums and while projection art is used from time to time and isn't anything new, I like how the light emulates paint on the models' skin and how the beautiful shapes and patterns correlate with the shape of the models body and poses.

Ghosts of Gustav Klimt:
model: eniko mihalik
photographer: derek kettela
styled by polina aronova
body-art: jenai chin
source: helligirl at the fashion spot


ahh the Klimt shoot is awesome

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