Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Light Leaks

One of the things that every artist tries to develop is their own style. Its great to come across a photographer who has a definitive style in their work that is easily identifiable and sets them apart from other photographers. I came across the photographer Guy Aroch when I was working at Trunk Archive this past summer because I kept coming across his pictures in the images I had to go through and his images were always very easy to recognize.

His light is extremely soft and many times taken in the setting sun. One of my favorite things about his images is that they seem to be of secret moments and and Aroch takes the viewer and brings them into the viewpoint of say, a lover. The moments he captures seem to be between two people and are intimate little snapshots of a spontaneous moment. In a lot of his images he creates the effect of a light leak in the same way that shooting with a Holga camera might produce light leaks. This is one of my favorite effects and I would love to try and use it more in portraiture and advertising. It would be interesting to see in Aroch's work just how much of that light leak 'effect' is created in post production.

^The picture of the model in the blue outfit in the hallway is one of my favorite pictures from this batch.

Listening to: Black and Gold by Sam Sparro


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