Saturday, July 10, 2010

"First Spring" by Yang Fudong for Prada

Watch the film here

Inspired by the Chinese adage that "the whole year's work depends on a good start in spring." This bold and beautiful film represents an exciting new direction for Prada's visual communication at the start of this decade.

Prada has completely created a dreamworld. I was transported into another time and place through the imagination of Prada. Rather, I felt like I was watching the inspiration for the Prada designs and collection instead of watching a world, a period film, that they created for us because it was so unique. It was a fantasy, a dreamworld, somewhere completely unknown. There were men flying through the air and the filmmakers' beautiful use of contrasting darks and lights (ex. the dark horse and white horse; the two girls on the couch, one in a white dress, one in a black one; the white porcelain skin of the woman against their black dresses and black hair) was just as beautifully crafted as their clothes and print ads.

The two white men were eearily out of place and their shadowed closeups paired next to the woman with the porcelain skin stood out as one of the great moments of the film in terms of composition, emotion, and actors for me (around 6:54 - 7:17). Strangely, the scene after that has men walking on powerlines above the street like they were tightropes and the men flying through the sky brought us back to earth and the "narrative" of the story. I think i prefered the slow and contemplative shots of the single characters (see 8:08 to 8:18) to the crowded and more dreamlike world of multiple people in a strange place where we are looking for a narrative and are given images, characters, and locations but no real story to follow. We find the story in the closeups of the characters and in their clothes when we have a moment to linger on them.

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