Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Studio Shooting

Yesterday one of the digital capture guys at Greg Kadel's Studio set me up with the software I need to start shooting tethered. That means that I can connect my camera to a computer that will automatically import the images I take onto a specific folder on my computer and I can review the images as I shoot. Everyone shoots tethered in a studio setting and as much as they can on location depending on the circumstances. Because of this I've been thinking a lot about studio shoots and have been brainstorming ones to do in the fall. In the meantime here are some amazing images shot in a studio.

Here is an example of a setup where the photographer is shooting tethered and can see the images come up on the connected computer.

Image by Michael Thompson and taken from here.

Above image:
EDITORIAL: Noble Endeavor (Alexander Mcqueen special)
MODEL: Sasha Pivovarova
FASHION EDITOR: Grace Coddington
From Vogue September 2008

Above image by Greg Kadel

All images found on tumblr. If you know any picture credits please let me know.


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