Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Movie Influences in the Fashion Industry

It is so refreshing to see smart editorials that draw upon art or film for references. They give a context to fashion photography that I think is creative and gives people who might understand traditional fine art photography, art, and film a chance to understand or appreciate the commercial side of the photography industry.

This editorial, originally photographed for Metal Magazine, is referencing german expressionism and The Cabinet of Dr. Caligari in particular for the concept and visuals.

Stills from the film:

The dark makeup and the theater-like background scenes make the reference unmistakable and the way that the photography crew reconstructed the scenes, had similar poses, and incorporated clothing into this retelling of the visual story makes this editorial really unique.

Photographer: Remi Lamande
Stylist: Laurent Dombrowicz
Models: Adrien Brunier, Arthur Devalbray, Julien Chanca, Mathias Billien
Hair: Fred Kabbabi @ B Agency
Makeup: Eva @ B Agency

Images taken from steelmachines.wordpress.com


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