Wednesday, August 18, 2010


It is hard for me to think of another editorial that emphasizes shape, form, lines in such a beautifully classic and original way. Sure, most fashion photography is about highlighting these aspects in relationship to the clothes and the body, however what makes this editorial so unique are the ways in which it is explored. It comes across as brilliant and unique and at the same time utterly simple. The studio location simplifies the surroundings and really makes Masha the center of the shoot. She commands her body in the same way a dancer might and her elegance and powerful poses resemble more of how a dancer might act with her body than a supermodel. The 6th image down of her between the ladders is one of my favorite images because of the lines and shapes and the way she uses the ladders as simple props to play off of.

Model: Masha Kirsanova
Photographer: Mark Pillai
Styled by: Claudia Carretti
Publication: Amica Italy March 2010

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