Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Paradise Lost

I think this is an interesting spread and is also pretty memorable. The first image paired next to the title page is pretty unique and I absolutely love the forms and shapes from the models body and the architecture behind her. It is also a great contrast of the model next to the older woman. Other than that, I think it's rather funny that the models face is covered in all of the images except for the last one: not a real confidence booster. Actually, I don't mind the face being covered as much as I mind the duplication of the same pose with the black and white image on the left in the second picture down and the second from the last image with the pink outfit. I like the pose in each of the individual images but placed together in the same spread, it just seems like a mistake and makes those two images less meaningful.

. Besides the pose repetition I guess my other complaint with the shoot is that I don't really understand the inspiration or concept linking the oddly veiled model to the explanation under the title (It reads "The Buenos Aries underworld serves as a backdrop for the high drama of the pre-fall collections") or why the model appears exhausted and fainting. Don't get me wrong, I think the first image is wonderful but I don't understand it in relation to the larger concept. Is it supposed to be the high drama? I don't think the veiled woman sitting in front of the blackboard is necessarily drama-filled, instead it seems completely banal except for the commotion of the background blackboard.

Overall I really like the images in this shoot but I think in terms of concept and especially the words under the title (which are supposed to explain a bit about the concept or influence but end up confusing more than helping) the shoot didn't really come together. I don't understand why the production team needed to travel to Buenos Aries to photograph this spread. I liked the shoot a lot, I just wish that it had come together a bit more cohesively.

model: dafne cejas
photographer: sebastian faena
styled by robbie spencer

Images taken from


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