Monday, August 9, 2010

"Sensing Nature" in Tokyo

I came across this really unique installation the other day that is currently in the Mori Art Museum in Tokyo. It is one of three installations by Japanese artists featured in an exhibition called "Sensing Nature". has this to say about the show:

the three japanese artists / designers give abstract or symbolic expression to immaterial or amorphous concepts as well as natural phenomenon such as snow, water, wind, light, stars, mountains, waterfalls and forests. their ideas of nature suggest that it is not something that is to be contrasted with the human world, but that it is something that incorporates all life-forms, including human beings. the exhibition consists of newly commissioned works by each of the three artists, each attempting to stimulate our sense of nature through large-scale installations.

This specific installation by Tokujin Yoshioka is titled "Snow" and is 15 meters wide.

it consists of a scene depicting hundreds of kilograms of light feathers blowing all over and falling down slowly is meant to remind us of the snow scape of our memories and the beauty of nature which often exceeds our imagination. visitors to the exhibition experience the feeling of looking at or walking through a snowstorm.

All images taken by Tokujin Yoshioka.


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