Saturday, August 14, 2010

Venus Envy

When I first saw this shoot I loved it, until I scrolled to the fourth image down and finished looking at all of the images in the spread. I was a little surprised by the smeared black makeup around the face and then I just started laughing. The inclusion of the two images with the messed up makeup absolutely ruined the shoot for me.

The subtitle under the title reads, "Raw emotion shows through the stark whites and blacks of these coveted spring designs". First of all, a woman with a completely placid expression does not mean that she has any "raw emotion" and I have to laugh at V Magazine for suggesting that it does. Second, those two images throw the theme and concept of the shoot way out of line and instead of taking any of it seriously, I burst out laughing because it seemed to be trying way too hard. The shoot is gorgeous and I love the soft light and how the edge of the bodies seem to melt off into the white background. The shapes and curves of the models and the clothes are beautiful, elegant and understated. I think the shoot would have been absolutely perfect without the two images that throw the whole shoot out of whack and the completely misguided subtitle.

Magazine: V (Spring 2009)
Editorial: Venus Envy
Photographer: Willy Vanderperre
Models: Natasha Poly & Raquel Zimmermann


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