Saturday, March 26, 2011

Collaboration with Cat D.

A few weeks ago this amazingly talented artist, Cat D. contacted me and asked to paint one of my pictures. I am sincerely flattered that she would choose one of my images to paint (of the stunning Sophie Reppert) since she usually draws her inspiration from images taken by some of the most amazing fashion photographers in the world. What I love about her work is her ability to capture light so incredibly well and translate it into a painting and in her own style. Here is the image she painted on the computer with pastels and also an awesome video that shows the layers of how she went about making her image. Please check out her website where she has an incredibly varied selection of paintings that she has made so far!

Image by Cat D:

Image by Mathea Millman:

(Some of the image here in the video gets cropped off from the format of my blog so check it out on her youtube page)


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