Friday, March 25, 2011


Here are two shoots that I've come across recently that I love because of the lighting. On location I love to shoot with natural light in an indoor setting next to a window, exemplified in the first shoot by Matthew Brookes. In the second shoot, photographed by Peter Lindbergh, Scarlett's skin is absolutely radiant and glowing against the dark background. While the styles of the two shoots are completely different I love the soft quality of the light, which is what the images (at least for me) are all about. 

"Soul of Chet" photographed for Vogue China Men 
Matthew Brookes - Photographer
Boyd Holbrook, Jamie Strachan, Vincent LaCrocq, Jacques Naude - Models 
Allan Kennedy - Fashion Editor/Stylist 
Images taken from

Scarlett Johansson photographed for Vogue China 
Peter Lindbergh - Photographer 
Nicoletta Santoro - Stylist 


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