Saturday, March 12, 2011

Giorgio Armani La Femme Bleue

Fabien Baron directs Karen Elson in an exclusive film featuring clothing from Giorgio Armani's La Femme Bleue collection. What struck me about this film is that it doesn't look or feel like your typical fashion film. The music creates a strange mood that caters perfectly to the dark lighting and billowing fabric that might reference the beautiful cloth and mystery of the East re-imagined for Armani's latest collection.  This film is about symmetry, color, light, fabric, and most importantly evoking a mood which the viewer can then link back to Armani's collection and therefore sets him apart from the rest. I think creating a unique mood in a film is more often than not a stronger way to get the viewer to relate or remember a specific film or collection.

(The film appears in a space too small to fit the whole screen here so either click on the link to the youtube page or the one on below in order to view)

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