Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Zink Magazine

Z!nk is one of my favorite magazines for photography. Generally I never read magazines. I buy or subscribe to magazines for the images and design layout and then cut out images I like and take ideas from them for inspiration. The fashion editorials that z!nk runs are always new and innovative. I feel like I am seeing an image for the first time, rather than one I have seen copied a million times over which is refreshing. In addition, their product photography is incredible. Product photography is something I never pay attention to but it is a big part of the magazine and it is all completely flawless. I see the product photography more as an art form in Z!nk than I do anywhere else. So if you are in a bookstore and are looking around I would recommend picking up a copy and just looking at the pictures and the layout of the magazine.

Listening to: Forest Fire by Fortune Teller


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