Thursday, January 7, 2010

Anja Rubik and Model Inspiration

Alright I realize its been a little while since I made a post about photography. I was looking for a model I saw in an incredible editorial shoot and though my searches I came across the website for the model Anja Rubik. I don't come across too many websites for models with their images on it but I was really impressed with her site.

She is a very well known model and is constantly in editorials in the top magazines and walks all the important runway shows. I think its absolutely incredible how versatile these models can be. The last 4 images I found on this site below. You can search models and designers and there is an extensive collection of images for each person. I find that a great source of inspiration for me is to look at these kinds of sites for famous models because they are photographed by the top photographers so the shoots they are in are incredibly lit and there is so much talent involved in the production of these shoots:

All of these images are of Anja Rubik:

photo cred:

I love how she is so feminine and fierce in the first and last image. The second image she is so soft and classically beautiful. In the third image she is beautifully androgynous. So much talent:


Yes, but does the model have the talent or does the make-up artist or does the stylist or does the photographer? Especially in these shots, it is unclear where the talent lies I think.

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