Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Pepsi Refresh Project

My friend Seth Nenstiel wanted to get a project together for the summer and apply for the Pepsi Refresh Project Grant. The $25,000 grant is awarded to a determined individual or team who has a project that they need funding for. The way to get the grant is to get the most number of votes through the website:

Today we talked about the project and along with Jay Salbert, we decided to create a team and enter this grant competition. Our project idea is to use the money to travel across the country and interview people who have achieved personal success. Our goal is to interview community leaders, politicians, independent artists, musicians, philanthropists, and other people that we encounter along the way. We would create web episodes of our travels along the way and at the end we would create a longer film which we would then try and circulate.

Voting starts February 1st and we are going to need everyone we know to help vote for our project and support our endeavor. We would love to pursue our idea this summer and help others. By receiving this grant, we could really make this happen. Feel free to ask any questions.


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