Tuesday, January 19, 2010


As many of you know I have my own flickr site (even though I haven't updated in a while), and I use flickr to look for new photographers and find inspiration for shoots and images. Its a great site to network and just to search for great images of just about anything.

This post is about a photographer that I came across a while ago actually and I recently revisited her work. I decided I had to tell other people about her. Her images are so beautiful and she can connect with her subjects in a way that is so hard to come by (especially for such a young photographer!). You can see her flickr page here. I wouldn't be surprised if I found her images in Teen Vogue and in fact, I think a lot of her photos are better than some of the work being featured in the magazine. Teen Vogue has amazing editorials of young stars and models and the way Nirrimi works with her models makes them appear as if they are beyond their teens. It is exactly the kind of fashion photography that is featured in Teen Vogue.

Her work has inspired me and is so beautiful to look at. I love her tones, the poses, and the styling. This is exactly the kind of fashion photography I want to be involved in and she makes me excited and passionate about this kind of work. You can check out her website here.

All images were taken by Nirrimi.


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