Saturday, January 2, 2010

Stop-Motion Short Films

For Christmas Eve my family made a stop-motion short film in our backyard. Stop-motion films are made from hundreds or thousands of still images that are played at about 8 frames a second, which is relatively slow for a stop-motion film. We put a tea light in a paper bag and decorated our lawn. This film below is the result of our experimentation. Credits are at the end of the film. You can also watch it bigger on my vimeo page. Enjoy!

100 Luminaries on Vimeo:

I came across a few amazing stop-motion films on vimeo and I'm sure there are even more on youtube. This one, titled Notte Sento, was one of my favorites that I have come across and once I did a little more reading about it found out that it has been remarkably widespread for a short film. It is an incredibly well made short and I hope everyone will check it out and let their friends know about it.

Notte Sento:


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